The hillside suburb of Beverly Hills with its luxury homes gracing the cool slopes is well named. The Californian Los Angeles cannot boast more elaborate architecture than its Kingston namesake.

The AGM for the Bev Hills Citizens Assoc is due to be held the last week in Sept. 2013

The AGM for the Bev Hills Citizens Assoc is due to be held the last week in Sept. We will advise date, time and location. In the meantime, please note that all positions are open for nominations. These are as follows:

1) President
2) Vice President
3) Treasurer
4) Secretary

Additionally, there are a list of committees that need you help. These are:
1) Beautification
2) Security
3) Road coordinators
4) fund raiser
5) welcome wagon

Persons who want to report defective street lights should call 1-888-991-4617

Dear Residents,
Kindly note hotline # for JPS for the reporting of Street lights not working. Please report all street lights not working.
Thank you
Andre Hylton MP

Street Light hotline nets results
7:12 am, Fri July 19, 2013

The Ministry of Local Government is reporting that its Street Light Hotline has been flooded with calls from the public since it was established three weeks ago. It was activated on July 1 to accommodate calls and reports on non-functioning or malfunctioning street lights.

Squatter Den Discovered Below Beverly Hills Drive 1 Jan 2013

A man was found living in the property across from 11 Beverly Hills Drive in possession of things which did not originally belong to him. If someone studying medicine or having checked out a book from UWI library knowing a Renee Thompson knows of any medical training materials missing that were not thrown out in the garbage, please let know. The photo of the location of these and other items belonging to women, computer science students, files and term papers were seen at the location.

Missing Zinc or Board or Both in Beverly Hills Recently?

If you are a resident of Beverly Hills and you have noted lost zinc or boards from your property please contact the Beverly Hills Exec with some details. There were reports of some losses of this type at the recent meeting on Lombard Close about a week ago.

Shenstone Widened

Due to the construction near the beginning of Shenstone Drive, the road has been widened and the light posts strengthened in the vicinity of the retaining wall. Thanks goes out to the intervention of the construction project managers from the community. Construction continues.

JPSco Transformer Exploded near Beverly Hills

JPSco has confirmed that there was just an outage in the area. You can reach them at 888.225.5577. They have dispatched a team to address the issue. Power is out in the community as at 9:30am 12 Oct 2012.

NEPA Mtg to discuss Housing Agency of Jamaica's Application - re: Goldsmith Villa, Mona

On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 11:11 AM, Russell, Brigett wrote:
Sent on behalf of Mr. Peter Knight, CEO, NEPA:

Dear All,

The National Environment and Planning Agency wishes to invite you to the captioned meeting.

Please be advised that the meeting has been tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, 2 October 2012 at 10:00 a.m. at NEPA, 10 Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5, 3rd Floor, Main Conference Room.

We look forward to your attendance and ask kindly that you indicate your availability to the undersigned.


Brigett Russell

MP Andre Hylton Appears on TVj addressing the Role of the MP

The show aired on the 19th Sep 2012 on local TV station TVj. See the digital recording on the internet here... 49.32 minutes.

Eark Moxam hosts, speaker panel includes....
Ed Bartlett, East Central St. James MP (of the JLP)
Carol Narcisse, Chairperson of Jamaica Civil Society
Andre Hylton, MP for Eastern St. Andrew (of the PNP)
Carl Johnson,General Secretary of the Jamaica Baptist Union

All Potholes on Beverly Hills Drive Filled

Dear Fellow Residents,
You will note that since the day before Labour Day, the potholes on Beverly Hills Drive from Munroe Road right across to Hopefield Ave have been filled, sealed and surfaced with a fine grade asphalt material.

The work continued up Montclair Drive as well and made it to the large pothole near Montclair Close where the holes were cleaned our and filled with marl. It appears that they are awaiting completion from the asphalting team as at teh 4th Jun 2012.

Msg from MP Andre Hylton on the Water/NWC Situation in Bev Hills

From: Andre Hylton []
Sent: Friday, April 27, 2012 3:37 PM
To: Andre Hylton
Subject: Water Woes Beverly Hills

Dear Residents,

Let me apologise for the inconvenience for the water lock-off. The councilor Carl Little and I have been working closely with the National Water Commission in trying to solve the water problem you are experiencing in your area.

NWC has just informed us it is now back, however the pressure will be low until later this evening. Please keep us posted.

Warmest Regards
Andre Hylton