The hillside suburb of Beverly Hills with its luxury homes gracing the cool slopes is well named. The Californian Los Angeles cannot boast more elaborate architecture than its Kingston namesake.

Still No Water From NWC in BH since Wed 25th Apr

Gary Willoughby (our resident water police) has been in active communication with Mr. Ashley of the water commission regarding the lack of water in Bev Hills. Mr. Ashley said there are some technical problems but he assured Gary that the issues will be resolved and that water should be back on by 10am today, Friday, April 27, 2012.

Pot Hole Gallery

Pot Hole Gallery - click here

Public Meeting re Mona Section 1 Development

Public Meeting re Mona Section 1 Development

Housing Association of Jamaica has invited the public to attend the public meeting scheduled 25th April Knutsford Court Hotel at 5:30pm regarding the Mona Section 1 Development just above Pines of Karachi and Mona Reservoir in Kingston. RSVP's requested.

Burning Garbage in Jamaica

Burning Garbage in Jamaica

Please see the attached flyer on setting fired to burn garbage in Jamaica.

New MP and Councillor for Beverly Hills

Please be aware that MP Andre Hylton and Concillor Carl Little now represent our communities. Please reach out to them with any suggestions for your neighborhood. Best regards, LAW

Street Lights Out? Report to Your MP....

On Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 12:43 PM, Andre Hylton wrote:

Please report to us any street lights that are presently not working.
Also indicate to us the number on the post or the address where the post is located.

MP Andre Hylton.

Enumerate Today!: Registration To Vote Deadline 30th Sep 2011

The current Phase of enumeration will end on the 30th Sep 2011. The EOJ’s office for St Andrew Eastern is located at Skyline Plaza Gordon Town Rd (Papine) if you or your friends need help in getting directions or getting enumerated, please call Nigel Stewart 876.457.9580

The current enumeration phase closes on Sept 30, 2011. Persons enumerated up to this period will be on the November 2011 Voters List.
Get enumerated before the next General Elections which are due next year.

Beverly Hills Letter to NEPA July 2011

[Download PDF]

Dear Mr. Knight,

Re: Application for a Permit under Section 9 of the Natural Resource Conservation
Authority Act, 1991, in respect of the subdivision of land at part of Mona and Papine
Estates and goldsmith Villa, St. Andrew by Housing Agency of Jamaica Limited (HAJL)

It was little more a year ago, around June, 2010, that the Housing Authority of Jamaica

Environmental Impact Assessment Re: Proposed housing development near Mona Reservoir

Please see link for the Environmental Impact Assessment re proposed housing development near Mona Reservoir.

Important excerpts from that study:

page ix
This development will take place under the Housing Act, 1955. The Town and Country
Planning Act, 1957 guides and controls development and, in essence, ensures sustainable
land use, protects the land and physical environment from misuse and premature

Cover Letter from NEPA

Cover Letter from the National Environment and Planning Agency. Download Here