The hillside suburb of Beverly Hills with its luxury homes gracing the cool slopes is well named. The Californian Los Angeles cannot boast more elaborate architecture than its Kingston namesake.

The Passing of Dr. Tony Jackson

Dr. Tony Jackson of Shenstone Drive died unexpectedly on Saturday, Feb 12th. We will let you have any additional details we receive regarding his wake/funeral.

Condolences to his family from the Beverly Hills Citizens Association Benevolent Society.



Date: February 15, 2011 (day after Valentine's day)
Time: 8:30pm
Cost: $1,200 per ticket
Contact Person: Fayval Williams, President, Bev Hills Citizens Association (399-3465)

Basil Dawkins new comedy A State of Affairs looks at a married couple (in their second marriage) in which the husband (a very good natured and charming young man) has become deeply concerned by his seeming increasing and compulsive urges to cheat on his wife. In an attempt to protect his marriage and his wife from sure pain, seeks counseling from the church. In his pursuit of solutions however, stirs up hornets' nests revealing some strange "truths" . Along with him the audience learn that things are not always what they appear to be and the causes of problems may come from the most unexpected sources.

Letter to Mininster Mike Henry

Dear Minister Henry,

I write in my capacity as President of the Beverly Hills Citizens Association Benevolent Society and on behalf of all residents of Beverly Hills to ask for your intervention in allocating some funds to repairing/fixing the roads and creating proper drainage systems in Beverly Hills.


NEPA: Guidelines for Conducting Environmental Impact Assessments

This Guideline document attempts to present procedures for conducting an EIA in accordance with the legal and regulatory framework of Jamaica, ecological realities and development imperatives of the island nation, and international agreements and standards for sustainable development.

Nationwide - July 12, 2010

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Town Hall Meeting to Discuss Mona Section 1 Development by HAJ convened by BHCABS

Dear All Residents of Beverly Hills, Long Mountain and Karachi (Pines at Karachi),
You are cordially invited to attend this community meeting being held at Sts. Peter & Paul Prep Church Hall off Old Hope Road.
Wed. 28th Jul 2010 beginning at 7:00pm.

See draft agenda on page inside site...

We hope you can attend.
The Executive of:
Beverly Hills Citizens Association and Benevolent Society


Pay Your Dues: $2,000 per year

Bank Account for Bev Hills Citizens Association are as follows:
1) First Caribbean Bank - account no: 1000 581 686
2) JMMB - account no: 23609296

Deposit slips or cash to the Treasurer - Jackie Gayle
Contact: 378-9189;

ESA - Proposed Residential Subdivision Mona Section 1

The Environmental Site Assessment - Proposed Residential Subdivision Mona Section 1, St. Andrew document has been uploaded and is available for download at the link below.


Removing Graffiti From Our Walls

Someone has taken to writing "Money Green Prudz" on the walls of Beverly Hills. Volunteers have organized to remove it. Let us know if you can help. The Labour Day Monday 24 May