The hillside suburb of Beverly Hills with its luxury homes gracing the cool slopes is well named. The Californian Los Angeles cannot boast more elaborate architecture than its Kingston namesake.

Visioning of Kingston and St. Andrew Exercise To Take Place On The 11th Mar 2010

Dear All,

The Department of Local Government (KSAC) will be hosting a Parish Visioning for Kingston and St. Andrew. This Parish Visioning exercise will be held on MARCH 11, 2010 at the Conference Centre commencing at 9am -3pm. All community Based Organizations are encouraged to make representation through individuals who can effectively represent the community issues. Transportation and refreshments will be provided.

Where you are unable to attend, we are kindly requesting that other
representatives of your organization be selected to attend this meeting.

JPSco Responsibility To Consumers

JPSco Responsibility To Consumers

After repeatedly calling repair people to fix items damaged at my home in Beverly Hills, I decided to act on the suggestion I had heard someone make that you can submit a claim to JPS for the damaged item. I called them and learned the following. Please share with your neighbors...

If your household has been affected by power cuts and outages, you may make a claim to JPSco to recover the cost of the damaged item if it is electrical by submitting a letter to the company as follows:

28 Feb. 2010

Claims Department (
JPS Company
6 Knutsford Boulevard

Happy New Year. Much success, happiness and abundance.

During the first half of fiscal 2009, we agreed on a budget; we tackled the issue of security, slightly improved the cleanliness of Beverly Drive and Shenstone, initiated fund raising, launched the Bev Hills protest against further destruction of green areas surrounding Mona Reservoir, advocated to have Montclair returned to a cul-de-sac , launched a website and initiated quarterly meetings of the wider Bev Hills residents

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