Road Repair Process and Pledge 25thJan2014

Dear Beverly Hills Residents,

I think it's important to explain how roads get repaired so there is an understanding of the expectations. As Member of Parliament I can lobby and press the National Works Agency (NWA) to get major road repairs done, which I constantly do.

Minor roads, like Rutland Drive, Beverly Hills Drive, Wycliffe etc., are the responsibility of the parish council. I know that distinction means little to a resident who wants his/her roads fixed.

As MP, I can also use the CDF allocations or JEEP to do road repairs; but that is dependent on the availability of resources and a process of doing estimates etc.

I have submitted the roads needing repairs to the NWA as well as some roads to be done in the upcoming JEEP program. Councillor Carl Little has been asked to press the KSAC on this matter. I have also engaged the Mayor of Kingston, Angella Brown-Burke, along with Mr Little to see how we can partner with the KSAC to repair as many roads as possible in Beverly Hills.

Having said all that, based on the assurances I have received, I am confident some repairs of your major roads will commence sometime in February.

Thanks to all Beverly Hills residents for your patience and partnering in this endeavour.

Warmest regards,
Andre Hylton MP

CC Mayor Angella Brown Burke, Carl Little, EG Hunter, Min. Richard Azan