Beverly Hills Road Repairs 25th Mar 2014

On Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 12:00 PM, Carl Little wrote:
I have noted the comments and concerns expressed by all and had not weighed in until I had received final word from the KSAC regarding previous submissions which I made.

Please note that repairs, commissioned through the KSAC, started on Beverly Drive this morning and should cover its entire span. I know that this will not satisfy all the concerns raised but it should offer some relief to those who use that particular roadway.

It is my understanding that a letter has been submitted to the KSAC from citizens on the Montclair belt. Please be advised that it is receiving consideration.

The Member of Parliament, Andre Hylton, had asked for a meeting specifically to discuss the concerns of the residents. I would encourage this dialogue as it is keeping with the participatory governance that we seek. It will also help in helping us in our prioritization process so please advise on that meeting at your earliest convenience.

Carl A. R. Little, J.P., BBA (Finance), MAAT
Councillor, Mona Division
Tel: (876) 426-1130
BB PIN: 28682EF9

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