JPSco Responsibility To Consumers

JPSco Responsibility To Consumers

After repeatedly calling repair people to fix items damaged at my home in Beverly Hills, I decided to act on the suggestion I had heard someone make that you can submit a claim to JPS for the damaged item. I called them and learned the following. Please share with your neighbors...

If your household has been affected by power cuts and outages, you may make a claim to JPSco to recover the cost of the damaged item if it is electrical by submitting a letter to the company as follows:

28 Feb. 2010

Claims Department (
JPS Company
6 Knutsford Boulevard
Kingston 5

Re: Power Interruptions in Supply to Account#: [Your account # goes here 123456-098765]

Dear Sir/Ma’am:

There was a power outage at our home at ...

TV Set $4,600 $3,100
PC CPU Repair $6,000 0
FLOW Cable Box $7,000 0
Total Cost $17,600 $3,100

We noticed several instances of the surge protectors cycling and resetting around 2pm and 3pm in the house.

The cost of the damage to the is $______JA. We would like to receive full reimbursement as soon as possible.

Please notify us of receipt of this claim and relate to us the process for its handling.

Best regards,
Myname Goeshere
Beverly Hills Resident
Kingston 6,
Jamaica W.I.

cc: Office Utilities Regulation (